Among the main jobs that our consultants will develop in your company, we highlight the following:   

             - Analysis of Financial Statements, such as Balance Sheets, DRE, DMPL

               (Demonstration of Stockholders' Equity)

             - Control of Property, Plant and Equipment   

            - Simulation of Income Statement Based on Accounting Information


   Types of Costs - Commercial / Industrial

 - Analysis of the Main Types of Costs involved in the Operations of your Organization.

Purpose of Cost Information Analysis

- Analysis of Cost Information with a view to reducing and increasing profitability.


Budget Planning x Master Budget 


- Elaboration of a Budget Plan where variables of costs, revenues and expenses     are inserted based on a Chart of Accounts.

 - Based on this Planning it is possible to establish a Financial forecast during a     certain period, usually annual.

- Implementation of Budget Controls.

Analysis and Monitoring of Variations Foreseen x Performed  

- Using FORECAST for a real analysis of what was foreseen in the Budget (usually quarterly or quarterly) and the realized one.

- Any discrepancies accentuated in these comparisons, the company must define new trajectories of the subsequent periods and establish new strategies for future periods.

BUSINESS PLAN - Business Plan  

- Elaboration of Business Plans

- SWOT Analysis


- Viability of a business based on logical premises

- Human Capital

- Expertice and Knowledge Base

 - Competition Analysis

DECISION-MAKING- Management Indicators

- Mobile devices with instant access to managerial information

-  Analytics Reports and Corporate Performance Indicators - KPI